Who we are?

Tutti Frutti Doggy was born from a personal story that we lived with our dog and that could have ended so badly!

We live in an urban area and on the 7 th floor of a small building with large terrace, so our two dogs go out freely to play between the daily walks outside.
One morning, our last four-legged friend, who was then only a 3-month-old puppy, made us very frightened ... .. during his daily walks on the terrace he played with the leaves and branches stolen directly in My flowerpots ... we are never very far and we glance from time to time ... however, this morning I come out on the terrace but do not see it at first, so I look behind the pots Where he sometimes loves to hide, and I still do not see him ... but where is he? Suddenly my eyes lay on the bottom of the old wooden palisade with which the balcony was covered. This one had been broken by chewing and teeth, except that there was now a hole in the palisade and I looked over the balcony caught a huge panic leap ... the puppy would have It sneak into the hole towards, towards .... the void ?? And there I saw him, standing on the little curb overlooking the void, as intoxicated and hesitant to jump! I quickly caught him by the skin of the back while leaning to put it quickly to the shelter! I then decided to change the barriers and make the environment more secure so that our dogs do not take unnecessary risks and are protected ...

This is the story that gave birth to this shop. At the heart of our priorities, your dogs, their well-being and safety. At Tutti Frutti Doggy, we wanted to bring you solutions, follow the latest discoveries and bring them to you with the hope that you like it. We spend a lot of time looking for the best for your beloved dogs, as they are really worth it !!

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Best Regards,
The Tutti Frutti Doggy Team